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HARMONY - Parrots can live up to eighty years, even outliving their humans.

So when their humans do pass and can no longer care for them where do they go?


Founder and president of Siesta Sanctuary Margaret Buschmann said "We take in parrots that have lost their home their family home. Parrots are long lived they live 80 years or more, and if the family they have changes or someones dies the bird is left without a home."


She says it's hard on the birds to be switching homes. So she decided to take in the parrots and give them a permanent sanctuary.


"We do not adopt these birds out we give them permanent sanctuary here they become part of a flock" said Buschmann.


She says parrots are becoming extinct in the wild and many of them are endangered.


"They depend on a family home that goes on and on and people can't commit to that" said Buschmann.


They live at siesta sanctuary forever and she says they all make friends with each other.


"And we've got birds from all over the world making friends with other birds from all over the world where they would never meet in the wild and it's just fascinating to watch" said Buschmann.


She says people call all the time if they can no longer care for the bird, and while they are fairly full now there is another option.


"I maintain a list of people who want birds and people who have birds and quit often I can make a match" said Buschmann.


The facility functions completely on donations.


"Every dime goes towards taking care of the birds all the labor is volunteer" said Buschmann.


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