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Maine secretary of state wants answers Featured

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BANGOR - Maine secretary of state Matt Dunlap wants answers to a suit he filed back in November.

In which he sought information on president trump's voting integrity commission.


A federal advisory committee act denied him and 11 other members of the presidential advisory commission access to key documents and excluding them from much of the commissions work.


"It was a little bit nerve racking this is not the direction I wanted to go in I didn't want to sue the commission I was serving on, but that's what it evolved to" said Dunlap.


The federal advisory commission has been investigating voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election.


Maine secretary of state Matt Dunlap says when he issued a complaint back in November about how the commission wasn't including him in their activities, he though it was an opportunity for the government to give answers.


Instead... He claims the commission denied him access to key documents.


"They said that we'll see you in court and that was disappointing" said Dunlap.


He and other presidential advisory commissioners filed for a preliminary injunction on December 22nd 2017.


"It gives us pretty much what we ask for it doesn't give us everything, but it does say that the government does have to share these documents with us. It didn't specify which ones, it didn't mandate that they do it, but it did say that we are entitled to them" said Dunlap.


He says it a victory for not only him, but the other commissioners and the American people.


"Who have a write to demand transparency and the policy decisions around the democratic system and self governance, and that's really really important" said Dunlap.


Dunlap says there were questions that were raised by the president and others about the integrity of our election.


"And maybe look at issues that can be resolved and i think that was always the goal, but without having the material and the transparency it's going to be very difficult to achieve that end so I'm hoping that we're going to get something good done" said Dunlap.


People have been reaching out to him and he says he's never seen the intense passion that he's seen exhibited by the American people.


"What I find gratify about them that people really really care about their systems of self governance, the election process."


"I have long said that if you start to loose faith in government go to court and sit and watch for a day it's amazing what judges and attorneys do to help bring clarity to issues like this so i was really gratified to be apart of it" said Dunlap.


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