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Stephanie Gebo's father's wish to save victims of domestic violence Featured

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BANGOR - The sentencing is now behind them but the father of murder victim Stephanie Gebo isn't done.

He believes ankle bracelets for accused domestic abusers should be a part of any bail condition.


While it wouldn't have saved Stephanie Gebo's life, her father believes electronic monitoring of accused domestic abusers can save lives.


Father Vance Ginn stated "So that we can keep closer track of the perpetrator, make the victim feel safer and have some time to get to them if something does go sour."


The Maine Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children has tried to get legislation passed mandating the use of ankle bracelet monitoring.


Chapter president Art Jette said "There is an opportunity to take the highest risk offenders and take a look at how you might contain them. Contain their ability to have access to the victim."


Additionally, Ginn advocates monitoring bracelets for people who have protection from abuse orders issued against them. He said "It would protect the victim so that person couldn't get within a certain distance so they couldn't harm the victim again.


Currently, sheriffs in Somerset and Waldo counties work with the courts to provide tracking bracelets. "In the counties, the sheriffs begin to talk to each other about a desire to have this statewide." stated Jette.


Ginn keeps a teddy bear made from his murdered daughter's medical scrubs in a glass case. He doesn't want her death to be in vain. He believes the ankle bracelets make it that easy to protect domestic violence victims. He concluded "This isn't a want. This is a need that we have to have in our state."