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State releases unclaimed property list Featured

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State releases unclaimed property list

AUGUSTA - More than $240 million dollars.

That's how much unclaimed property and cash the state treasurer's office is trying to give to the Rightful owners.


Maine State Deputy Treasurer Mathew Colpitts said "Well, unclaimed property contains everything from uncashed checks to securities. Essentially, any that you've given to a corporation or a non-profit that doesn't get claimed that maybe you've forgotten about, or you've moved to a new location. The company or the organization tried to give the money back to you and you just can't get it back. That's the money that we take and it's yours to take back."


In fact, while the amounts vary per person, there is one person who can claim $218,000.


If you're not sure whether you might be on the list, just call the office of the state treasurer or check the website HERE.