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Issues with state's new unemployment computer system Featured

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Issues with state's new unemployment computer system

STATEWIDE (WGME) - The Maine Department of Labor just unveiled an upgraded unemployment filing system, but some are telling us they're having problems with it.

Jon Smigielski told us he was worried he wouldn't get an unemployment check because he's had problems filing claims with the Department of Labor. He said the issues came after the department closed the system for upgrades.


According to the Department of Labor it had closed the system on November 30th and would be launching a new system that would be more modern and efficient on December 6th.


Smigielski stated he filed his weekly claim the first week of December and the system sent him a message the claim had been successfully filed. However, when he went to file again yesterday the system showed nothing from the week before. He said he tried calling the department but couldn't get through to anyone.


He stated "At this point we're two checks back and now we're going into a third week and I don't want to fall too far behind where they tell me oh you should have contacted us and here I am trying and trying for several days and you just get a bunch of voicemails that tell you sorry."


Smigielski called WGME and said after he spoke to us, and we called the Department of Labor, someone from the department called him back and helped him file his claims.


WGME wanted to find out if this has been a wide-spread or isolated problem.


WGME reached out to the Department of Labor for comment but have not yet heard back.