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Arrested protesters speak out Featured

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Arrested protesters speak out

BREWER - The people arrested last week after refusing to leave Senator Susan Collins office continue to speak out.

They organized a gathering Monday to let people know why they were willing to go to jail.


They feel the republican tax overhaul program being considered by congress will do more to benefit the wealthy than struggling Mainers.


The group said it's a rigged economy and lawmakers who voted in favor of the plan will help the rich get richer and have forgotten who sent them to Washington.


Benton electrician Nick Paquette stated "We did this because our voices aren't being heard. On the state level, federal level, they really forget who they're working for. They were elected to serve their constituents, not the one percent."


The district attorney has decided not to prosecute the five protesters who were arrested last week. They will instead each donate $100 to the non profit "Food and Medicine" which helps struggling workers and their families.


Both Senator Collins and Congressman Bruce Poliquin have voted in favor of the proposed tax cut plan.


However, Collins said she may reconsider her support when she sees the final version of the plan when it's released in Washington.