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People gathering signatures for a "peoples veto" Featured

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People gathering signatures for a "peoples veto"

BANGOR - Mainers who want ranked choice voting were collecting signatures for the so-called "peoples veto" Sunday.

The petitioners said Maine's constitution gives citizens the right to reverse decisions of the legislature through the power of a vote.


The Maine legislature voted to block the implementation of ranked-choice voting. Those out collecting signatures are upset about that.


Signature collector Nicole Grohoski stated "A lot of people in Maine did support this because it did pass with a very clear majority and those people are ready and willing to sign as long as they can find someone to do that. So we're just trying to make it easier for them to show us that they do indeed want ranked choice voting to show our government that."


To be successful the campaign must collect just over 60,000 valid signatures in 90 days.


If successful, the action could force the legislature to implement ranked choice voting through 2022.