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3rd Annual Millinocket Marathon and Half happens this weekend Featured

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MILLINOCKET - The 3rd annual Millinocket Marathon and Half is happening this weekend. While this event is fun to watch, the economic impact it will have is leaving community members excited.

"It's an amazing time of the year, it's the most "runderful time of the year" in Millinocket this year,"said Jennifer Murray, the co-owner of Moose Drop In.


One that's bringing running enthusiasts to the Katahdin Region this Saturday.


"Everybody's waving, everybody's smiling. It's feel good time," said Tricia Cyr, the co-owner of Moose Drop In.


The Millinocket Marathon and Half is bringing thousands of people to the town of Millinocket. Hotels started filling up immediately after the race ended last year. Restaurant employees saw larger than average tips that year.


"With everybody coming into town, giving back, which is what the marathon was meant to be. Gary Allan created the marathon to help a starving community," said Cyr. 


Race starts at 10 a.m., downtown. This isn't just bringing people from all over Maine but all over the world.


"There's no other marathon, marathon season's already over," said Murray. "We're the only ones going now in December. They come to the north Maine woods, logging road and they love it."


Runners are braving the freezing weather all for a good cause. But it's just the race that's attracting people. There are activities all weekend happening across town.


"It's quickly becoming a tradition, an annual event," said Jamie Brundrett, the president of the Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce. "People are looking forward to it. When you have the quality of life, the back drop, the scenery, the sense of community, it makes people want to return."


While registration is complete, people are encourage to show their support and have fun.


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