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23 employees will lose jobs at St. Joseph Hospital Featured

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23 employees will lose jobs at St. Joseph Hospital

BANGOR - Almost two dozen jobs will be eliminated as St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor transitions to a new medical records system.

The 23 employees work in the billing department and those workers will no longer be needed after june.

Covenant Health is the parent company of St. Joe's and is planning to move billing operations to Lewiston.


It's all part of a plan to embrace a new records system that will allow patients to download their medical information and book appointments, and make the entire system more efficient.


St. Joes president Mary Prybylo said they are also working to help the laid off workers get new jobs since they learned of the move. She stated "Since that time, five of them have gotten jobs within the hospital. Certainly, they can apply for the jobs in Lewiston also. But we're working really hard with them to see if we can find other opportunities for them."


The new medical records system will be set up at facilities throughout the Covenant Health System and will also help eliminate duplicate tests and procedures.


It's also an attempt to help reduce the cost of healthcare by streamlining the operation and making it more efficient.