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Community helping young mother and her son Featured

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Community helping young mother and her son

HANCOCK - A woman and her 4-year-old are still hospitalized after being involved in a tragic accident last Friday.

Leanna Bishop was on her way to work until she was involved in a crash on Route 1 in front of Hancock grocery.


Her child is still in critical condition and will continue to be hospitalized. Leanna is also still severely injured from the crash and won't be able to return to work anytime soon. Her car also only had liability insurance, leaving her without any form of transportation.


But to help elevate the financial burdens, Leanna's co-worker, Jacqueline Rogers and a few community members are working together to raise money for the two victims. Rogers said "It can happen any day. Like it could happen to you walking out your door. It could happen to anybody. Just having young kids, this time of year is really hard. That it happen before his birthday, before Christmas. It's just going to be a long haul for all of them."


Community member Shawna Hardison added "It's the right thing to do as a community. And it should for anybody, whether it be Leanna, Jackie or yourself. It's what we should do as a community."


Rogers set up in the Maine Coast Mall, collecting money and toys for Leanna's child. This was just one of many fund-raisers happening for the cause.


There will be a spaghetti dinner on the 16th at Sullivan Ree Center from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., all proceeds will go towards helping Leanna.


You can find their Go Fund Me page HERE.