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UMaine leads co-generation partnership Featured

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UMaine leads co-generation partnership

ORONO - Imagine being able to produce your own energy to both power and heat your home or business.

The US Department of Energy has selected the University of Maine to help promote that technology in communities around the nation.


Eight regional partnerships have been established to help develop more combined heat and power, also known as co-generation.


Most businesses currently have to pay for both electricity and heat, but if they had their own generation plant on-site they could save a lot of money and help them avoid relying on the grid.


Professor of Mechanical Engineering, David Dvorak, said "And anytime you generate electricity, that energy conversion process results in about 50 percent of your energy being lost as heat. But if you generate that electricity onsite, very often you can recover most of that heat and avoid the cost associated with heating your buildings or heating hot water."


The University of Maine is leading the northeastern partnership, which also includes universities throughout the northeast.


They're already working with businesses and others that are developing their own onsite generation infrastructure.


It's also great hands-on training for students and could lead to new technologies we'll use in the future.