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Final recommendations on Maine monument filed Featured

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Final recommendations on Maine monument filed

KATAHDIN REGION - Supporters of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument are feeling some relief.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has sent his final recommendations to President Trump.


He suggests the boundaries of the monument be kept intact and also suggests it should be managed to promote a healthy forest.


That's a relief for those who feared it could be opened up to commercial timber harvesting.


Zinke said that shouldn't happen, but he does think some thinning of trees should take place as part of a science based plan to manage the forest in that area.


He also suggested opening up more of the area to traditional recreation activities including hunting and snowmobiling.


The monument is among 27 that are being reviewed by the Trump administration to determine if they were created properly.


It's now up to the president to decide how to move ahead.