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Newest wildfires threaten southern California Featured

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CALIFORNIA (ABC NEWS) - Wildfires are raging through southern California. The area is dealing with at least four fires that have burned thousands of acres, destroyed homes and sparked evacuations.

Overnight, California wildfires are exploding in size and raging out of control.


The Thomas fire in Ventura County jumped major highways, took over hillsides and lit up the night sky.


More than 55,000 acres, 70 square miles in Ventura, north of Los Angeles, are burning. 150 structures are damaged or destroyed,12,000 are threatened.


Resident Jim McConica said  "It's just devastating the creek fire in LA County has ripped through 11,000 acres, dozens of homes gone.


Ferocious Santa Ana winds and dry conditions fueled four wildfires in southern California, sparking a state of emergency.


150,000 people were told to leave their homes and evacuate. Mayor Eric Garcetti, said "We have not lost lives. Do not wait, leave your homes."


People rushed to save their property and their animals. Resident Sonia Anderson said "It's craziness. I just don't know where to go, but this horse forced to fend for itself."


Thousands of firefighters are working to get the upper hand, tough conditions are expected through the end of the week. Some relief for firefighters today, the winds are not expected to be as strong, tomorrow that will change.