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Staying healthy during the holidays Featured

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BANGOR - It's easy to fall off of your diet during the holiday season with all the sweet treats and holiday parties.

Did you ever stop to think how much weight you gain?


You go to your holiday event and think "it's just one cookie or one more drink, I'll start my diet again on Monday."


Owner of Wilcox wellness and fitness Paige Wilcox said "We're met with a lot of resistance come January. Everyone says oh I'll just make up for it in January and start again and that's not what it's about you want to feel good the whole purpose is to feel good and enjoy your family during the holidays."


While many may think you gain a ton a weight during the holidays.


Director of food and nutrition services Valerie Langbein said "Believe it or not statistically only about a pound jumps on to us magically or not so magically during the holiday season."


She says that doesn't mean that that's a green light to overindulged.


"Be very mindful no matter what you're eating and drinking so drinking you can really get a lot of calories in just through liquids be very very mindful of that. Other foods obviously the foods that are very high in calories or those foods that it's hard for you to say one is fine" said Langbein.


Co owner of Wilcox fitness Mike Wilcox says staying active during the holidays is very important. You can even do simple exercises at home. "Jumping jacks these can be done two ways arms way up over the crown of your head and you can also do this by stepping. Or a push up of your choice."


When it comes to baking be mindful of what you're putting in your desserts.


"Focus on the plant foods and really try to minimize the stuff that you would add to those plant foods" said Langbein.


Something people should keep in mind is the 80-20 rule.


"80 percent of the time be on point in terms of diet and nutrition and exercise so that you can really enjoy the other 20 percent" said Wilcox.


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