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UPDATE: Deadly crash in Alton Featured

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A man from Lagrange has died less than a mile away from where his mother was killed in a crash just a week ago. Now troopers are trying to piece together what happened.

Officials say 32-year-old Alexander Gardner has died after crashing his truck on route 16 in Alton...this comes just one week after his mom 63-year-old robin gardner died from a crash not too far from the scene...


"There was a fatal accident...that occurred less than a mile north of er west of here on rt. 16," said Corporal Matt Grant with the Maine State Police.


Officials say the call came in from a passerby who saw Gardner's red Chevy pick-up truck in a ditch.


"The car left the roadway and did strike a tree," said Corporal Grant.


People who live in the neighboring town say this is the third fatal accident to happen in the area within a week.


"One up on the Howland road here...a gentleman died crashed into a tree. Then of course Mrs. Gardner last week and now whoever this and now whoever this gentleman here actually is," said Donald Crossman who co-owns the Lagrange General Store in Lagrange.


Officials say the roads are usually easy to drive but people who use the Bennoch road on a regular basis, say otherwise.


"It's very winding. If you're not careful on how you take the turns you could go off definitely," said Jennifer Later who drives from Milo to Bangor quite frequenlty.


"You go around them corners fast and slide and you can't control it. You go right out in them woods," said Levi Boobar of Lagrange.


"People gotta realize that going fast will cost you you're life," said Crossman.


Officials believe the accident happened sometime Thursday night, but are searching for answers. They're trying to trace down Gardner's steps. Anyone with information about his whereabouts from Thursday night, or saw his red Chevy truck are urged to contact Maine State Police at (207) 973-3700.

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