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Victims of Western Union scam may be reimbursed Featured

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Victims of Western Union scam may be reimbursed

STATEWIDE - Mainers who were tricked into a scam using Western Union's wire transfer service are now eligible for repayment.

The Department of Justice's Victim Asset Recovery Program has set aside a $586 million fund to compensate those who may have been scammed.


If you believe you were deceived into sending money to scammers through Western Union between January 2004 and January 2017, you can apply to get your money back.


Attorney General Janet Mills encourages victims of the scam to file claims. She said "Don't fall for it in the first place, but if you do fall for it, please come forward. It's nothing to be embarrassed about because a lot of really wonderful, intelligent people have fallen for these scams too."


You have between now and February 12 to report to the Maine Office of the Attorney General that you are a victim of a Western Union scam. From there, you should receive a claim form in the mail in the following weeks.


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