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Ellsworth using "Pop Up Store" to entice new business Featured

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ELLSWORTH - The Heart of Ellsworth is looking to bring new businesses downtown.

For the holiday season they've transformed the former J.J. Newberry building into a pop up shop in hopes of filling storefronts downtown.


The former Grasshopper Shop was vacant for years until it was transformed into a pop up shop last year.


What started as an idea, lead into three businesses setting up shop permanently in downtown Ellsworth.


Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce director Gretchen Wilson said "It really helps to bring businesses to all of Ellsworth and we're excited for the holiday and shopping season to begin."


Elizabeth Hilts used to sell her items at her store in Hancock. Much like many entrepreneurs who work in smaller towns in the summer it did well, but during the off season it hurt financially." She decided it to rent a spot in last year's pop up shop, a decision that lead her into renting the former Grasshopper Shop. She said "It's been amazing, it's been absolutely amazing and this location is iconic."


The heart of Ellsworth decided to continue filling up storefronts downtown, this year the next challenge is to find a new business to fill the J.J. Newberry building.


Executive director of The Heart of Ellsworth, Cara Ramano, said "This is round two. This is our second big space that we're looking to fill in downtown Ellsworth. This is space is available to rent, this is really important for Ellsworth as we're trying to fill downtown, which we're pretty much at max capacity."


This is a perfect opportunity for new businesses owners this is a perfect way to see what it's like to run a business without it being high risk. It also allows those living in smaller towns sell to a larger audience.


Leaf and Anna owner, Anne Dentino, said "Summer time we're very busy there. The fall, the winter is quieter, so this is just great exposure."


It's been close to a year since Hilts has been stationed in Ellsworth. She said taking that chance in a pop up shop was the best decision of her life. Hilts concluded "I said take a chance, I think Ellsworth is coming back strong, I think it's a great little downtown. Take the chance, come on."