Thursday, 23 November 2017 10:35

Grinch arrested after theft at Waterville's "Festival of Trees" Featured

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WATERVILLE (WGME) - A holiday grinch hits a local charity, stealing gifts and prizes meant to raise money for families in need.

The building in Waterville is more magical than it may look.


"This is what we call Santa's workshop." said organizer Annette Marin, "The kids come to see Santa, they sit on Santa's lap."


It's the home of the festival of trees. A charity that auctions off decorated trees and gifts to help local charities. But this week something felt missing.


"They had found some of our items in back of the building next door, low and behold, we had some big items missing," added Marin,


Someone robbed the festival, days before it reopened.


And although Santa's watchful eyes didn't save the day, another set of eyes did.


Waterville Police Chief Joe Massey said "The officer was able to review some security footage that showed an individual had walked in about 10 p.m. Sunday night, took some of those items, and eventually left."


Bobby Campbell, 51, is charged with burglary and theft.


A thousand dollars in lottery tickets are still missing, but some items were found. Marin said "Thankfully most of our stuff was recovered by the police station, and we will be getting that back to put with the trees."


Marin also stated  the festival will keep on rolling. "It brings a sigh of relief, yes, it's like, justice has been done and one bad apple is not going to ruin our Christmas cheer to help all these charities," she concluded.