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Senator King tours Belfast businesses Featured

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Senator King tours Belfast businesses

BELFAST - The city of Belfast has made a lot of changes in recent years to help it become the thriving community it is today.

Senator Angus King, I-Maine, had a chance to see that first hand today while touring local businesses. He visited M.B.N.A., the improved shipyard and the Belfast Co-op.


King said he wanted to hear from local business leaders and community members to here about important issues facing the area and what he can do to help.


Senator King said "The number one issue is the availability of workers. Everybody is hiring and everyone's looking for qualified workers. That's the number one issue facing Maine. I hear it everywhere."


General manager of the Belfast Co-op, Doug Johnson, said "I thought the group meeting with him today, a lot of different voices in that mix. A lot of really good conversation came out of it."


Senator King said discussions like today's provide important insight into the many ways we can work together to grow Maine's economy and support Maine people. He said it was great to see the people of Belfast working together to support their neighbors and build a diverse and resilient economy.