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Holiday travel increases this year Featured

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BANGOR - This is the start of the holiday week, more Americans will be traveling than in the last 12 years.

If you're heading out to eat you're Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends you're not alone.


"Regionally we're expecting about two and a half million people traveling in New England, a three and a half percent increase from last year and about 90 percent of those people are going to be on the roads." said AAA spokesman Christopher Hill.


Air travel over the holidays is seeing the biggest growth this year. It's up by five percent. Officials attribute that to the cheapest airfares since 2013. Assistant manager at Bangor International Airport, James Canders, said "We tell everyone to show up to the airport at least two hours prior to prepare for any kind of delays that could happen with increased traffic."


Weather can always play a factor in any kind of travel. Canders added "Everyone should keep a constant eye on their flights with the airlines if there is any inclement weather, anything that comes in the flights could be delayed or canceled so we want to make sure everyone is prepared for that."


Officials aren't anticipating things to slow down anytime soon. Hill stated "We look at the increase due to a strong economy and a strong labor market. We think the combination of those two are going to make all the holiday travel from Thanksgiving through the New Year be a lot more than in years past."