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Holiday electrical tips for decorations Featured

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here and with celebrations can come fires.

We spoke with officials who say you need to think about safety when putting up the holiday decor.

It's that time of year again,holiday cheer is in the air. As many begin to venture out and get their trees, there's important safety tips to remember when putting up that perfect balsam.


"Placing a Christmas tree isn't as easy as one may think, you want to place it in the window so everyone outside can see it, but you don't want to block an exit," said Gary Saunders, Deputy Fire Chief of Ellsworth Fire Department.


According to the National Fire Protection Association between 2010 and 2014 U.S. Fire Departments responded to an average of 210 homes fires that started with a Christmas tree per year. Deputy fire chief Gary Saunders says to keep trees hydrated and away from any source of heat. Make to check lights sure lights so they don't end up like the tree on the right.


"When using Christmas lights, don't use the 30-year-old screw in bulbs.or the wires are frayed and things like that. There's technology out there," said Saunders.


What people don't realize is the amount of Christmas lights they put on the tree the limit is three, if you want to put more on you should grab a power strip.


"This works really well there's a surge protector on it so if you trip it, so if you overload this particular piece of equipment it will trip and shut things down," said Saunders.


If using extension cords make sure they're clear of carpets or clothing.


"When dealing with electricity you're dealing with resistance and resistance creates or combustibles stacked in or around extension cords that creates heat, theoretically it could create enough heat to cause an ignition," said Saunders.


If decorating the outside of the house, make sure to use the right kind of lights, have proper placement of candles, and make sure they're stable.


And as always check smoke detectors, and have a plan in place.


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