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Study shows migraines may help body Featured

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BANGOR - If someone told you getting a migraine was a good thing, would you believe them?

Well according to new research from the University of Maine, migraines may actually be helping the body.


Research shows a migraine attack might be the body's way of defending itself against harmful oxidants.


Many factors that trigger migraines, like stress or lack of sleep, also increase oxidant production which can negatively affect the brain.


So while migraine symptoms, like sensitivity to light and severe headaches, aren't enjoyable by any means, they're a sign that the brain is fighting back against harmful oxidants.


UMaine psychology professor Jonathan Borkum said "It doesn't feel like it's a healing process, it's a set of symptoms, an inflammatory process among other things in the brain, and these are defensive reactions in the body. So the migraine attack I believe is an attempt by the brain to protect and heal itself."


Borkum added this new research may help find different ways to treat migraines and even one day prevent diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

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