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Impact of Pornography - part II Featured

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BANGOR - Pornography is viewed by billions of people. For many, viewing pornography is not a big deal because, according to research, almost everyone has either viewed or used pornography at some time in their life. But for the Robinson's, it's proven itself detrimental to their marriage.

"When something like sexuality is reduced to a smart phone and ten minutes in the bathroom, we've lost our soul," said Ted Robinson, the executive director of Free Indeed Ministries. 


It's a habit most people don't talk about.


"The temptations weren't mild; they were compulsive and consuming and hung on for days and nag and wear you down until you succumb," said Ted.


Ted and Anna Robinson have been married since 1997. They own a farm and are parents to three kids. But what many do not know is they almost got a divorce because of Ted's use of pornography.


"I've never faced anything like it," said Ted. 


Ted was first introduced to porn at seven years old when he first discovered a magazine with his father and brother by a dumpster. He never expected that something as little and accepted as a magazine would lead to a battle with advanced sexual addiction.


"The people that binge - it gets out of control," said Ted. "They're just sick of it, they want out, they want to be done with it."


It didn't stop there. His pornography usage escalated to him using drugs and alcohol and escort services, often becoming a 'John'.


"He was just distant. He wasn't personal and intimate with me," said Anna. "I knew it would destroy my marriage eventually if it didn't stop."


Anna says their marriage was hanging by a thread and she often contemplated leaving.


"If he's looking at someone else and that's drawing his attention, then his love is going towards the other direction not towards our marriage, not towards me," she said. 


She says she believed God had more for their marriage and gave her hope that their marriage could be restored.


"Forgiveness sets you free," said Anna. "It sets the person free you're forgiving but it also sets you free. You can't walk in unforgiveness because it will destroy you."


Ted says he knew he had a problem and needed to change.


"If all you want, the height of the act of sex, that is not the plan for marriage," he said. 


He's been clean for seven years now, a process he says came with many setbacks. But with the love and support of his wife, he was able to persevere.


"Anna's my hero. She stuck by me when most people would throw me out like garbage," said Ted. 


He now runs Free Indeed Ministries, helping men seeking to recovery from sexual addictions. While Anna coaches women who's also dealing with the impact of pornography.


"If you ever said to yourself, I'll never do it again and find yourself doing it again, you have a problem," said Ted. 


As of now pornography isn't classified as an addiction.


"If it's not an addiction than why can't these guys just walk away?" said Ted.


Only 10 percent of men who use pornography become a John. Not everyone views it as destructive. In fact, some admit they use it as a tool to spice up their relationship.


"If the wife is very honest, she will say she feels terrible about herself just to do that, just to keep the marriage going, or just to keep him satisfied or the sex life satisfied," said Anna.


They are encouraging anyone looking for help to contact the organization.


"There's hope, there's healing," said Anna. "Our marriage is better now than it's ever been. I can honestly say that because of the work God did in us."

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