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Augusta off ramp under repair Featured

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Augusta off ramp under repair

AUGUSTA - Crews are working to fix an off ramp in Augusta and it's creating some traffic detours for motorists.

Maine Department of Transportations crews are fixing the exterior beam of ramp over 1-95 that was struck by a vehicle.


A Maine DOT worker discovered the damage last month. A damaged beam impacts how much the bridge can carry. The southbound off ramp at 109A and will be redirecting traffic to exit 109B.


State Traffic Engineer Stephen Landry stated "We don't want anything to happen. We're going to run traffic down the center of the bridge those beams are still strong. If this bridge gets hit again. Something could happen."


Within the next few weeks new ramps will be built from exit 109A to Whitten Road.


Officials are advising people to find alternative routes while they are working.


Crews are planning to have a permanent solution by spring 2018.