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Bill would prohibit amending citizen initiated referendums Featured

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Bill would prohibit amending citizen initiated referendums

AUGUSTA - This past legislative session, lawmakers tinkered with several voter approved laws.

Marijuana legalization, ranked choice voting, and a three percent tax on Maine's wealthier households all approved by voters last year. And all of those issues were amended or repealed by lawmakers.


Now, one state senator wants to prohibit amending citizen initiated referendums. For at least a year.


Justin Chenette, (D)-Saco, said "Referendums that are passed at the ballot box, for at least a year, we need to be collecting data and information to see are these referendums effective before we can tamper with them, before we can actually eliminate them completely. Let them work first before we can do that."


Thursday, the Legislative Council considers whether to present Chenette's proposed bill to lawmakers for the January session.