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Safety tips for pets during Halloween Featured

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BANGOR - Halloween is just around the corner, many enjoy dressing up and getting free candy but experts say it's a good idea to keep pets home and safe.

Halloween is a holiday Americans have been celebrating for centuries. While most us enjoy dressing up as ghouls, goblins, and witches. Getting candy is also an extra perk, it may not be the best Holiday for our fluffy friends.


As you head out trick-or-treating with the family, it's best to just leave the pets home.


"Most dogs have not been socialized or habituated to that and they're going to find it very very frightening," said Don Hanson, Co-owner of Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor.


Hanson also said while going door-to-door, if you see a dog wandering stay away.


"Realize that they might not be excited to see you," said Hanson.


If you have people over for a party or expect a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters, keep pets occupied with a treat in a closed room. Away from all the action.


"That way you can open the door and when the Trick-Or-Treaters come and you can be a little bit more at ease about having to worry about your dog bolting our of the door," said Hanson.


Although they may look cute, putting pets in costume may create stress, amd the constant knocking on the door or ringing of the door-bell may also agitate them.


"I would disconnect it for the night," said Hanson, "Be watching by the door waiting so people don't have to knock".


Black cats, especially ones that go outside, should be kept in-doors a few days before and after the holiday.


"Sadly a lot of black cats have a habit of disappearing," said Hanson.

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