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Governor LePage meets all county sheriffs Featured

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AUGUSTA - Governor LePage met with all county sheriff's to address the on going immigration issue on Monday.

This comes after two sheriff's announced they won't comply with federal immigration requests to hold prisoners beyond their scheduled release date.


A few weeks ago Governor LePage sent a letter to Maine's county sheriff's threatening to fire them if they didn't comply with federal immigration officials request to hold inmates longer than their release dates.


The ICE requests are submitted when there's probable cause. The purpose is to give authorities extra time to figure out if the inmate is someone who should be deported.


Obeying that request is something some sheriff's announced they wouldn't do without a warrant, claiming its a violation of the constitution and something that costs taxpayers more money.


Governor LePage said those immigrant inmates could be dangerous and a threat to the state.


Officials said Monday's meeting helped clean up misunderstandings and they'll all be working together to move forward.


Governor LePage said that misunderstanding is because of the media.


"I think they all were I think frankly you want to know the truth i think you'd made something out of nothing, all of you." said Governor LePage,  "We are more than willing to work with them. If they're pleading to their base that's their problem, you guys make it worse, you guys, you guys are the most horrific organization on the face of the earth thank you very much."


There does remain some work to be done, as some sheriff's stayed later than others to meet without the governor.