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Week 2 of Anthony Sanborn hearings Featured

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Week 2 of Anthony Sanborn hearings

PORTLAND (WGME) - A hearing that could keep a convicted murderer out of prison is now in its second week at the Cumberland County Courthouse.

Anthony Sanborn is trying to clear his name in the 1989 murder of Jessica Briggs.


Sanborn's defense team is slowly pushing its case forward, suggesting a variety of theories about why they say Sanborn was wrongly convicted in 1992.


Monday.,defense attorney Amy Fairfield questioned retired detective Dan Young about his handwritten notes comparing them to typed reports given to Sanborn's defense team for the trial. She's using the notes from boxes found in his partner's home to cast doubt on their investigation.


Fairfield also questioned the whereabouts and reliability of Hope Cady who was said to be the only eyewitness to the murder. That was before Cady recanted her testimony in April and said she did not see the murder.


Fairfield said "If Hope Cady was brought to Danforth Street that makes it very very difficult for her to see a homicide."


Prosecutor Meg Elam responded "That was all played out at the trial, clearly she got it from the transcript so they all knew it at the trial - this is nothing new - which is the basis of a post conviction review. It's kind of a so-what."


"No it's not a so what." stated Fairfield.


Monday's courtroom featured a battle over an answering machine tape.


Sanborn's defense team said it was found in a box of material never turned over to Sanborn's original defense team for trial and provides valuable clues detective Young ignored.


The state hasn't yet had the chance to cross examine the witnesses.


Both detectives deny they did anything wrong in their investigation.


Sanborn could have his murder conviction overturned or go back to prison.