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Legislature grapples with ranked choice voting Featured

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AUGUSTA - It's been a roller-coaster ride for advocates of ranked-choice voting in Maine.

Monday, a legislative committee heard testimony allowing ranked choice voting in federal elections.

This was the latest attempt to put a legislative stamp on a law already approved by voters, questioned by justices of the Maine Supreme Court.

Dozens of people paraded before the legislature's veterans and legal affairs committee.

Most favored the bill proposed by a representative from Monmouth.

"It's to reinforce the idea that Maine voters last November said very clearly that elections should be won by a majority. Majority rules," said Rep.Kent Ackley, (I), Monmouth.

Even before the November 2016 vote, many questioned the constitutionality of ranked choice voting. Earlier this year, the justices of the Maine Supreme Court issued an advisory opinion stating ranked choice voting conflicts with Maine's constitution.

Among those opposed to Ackley's proposal was an independent member of the house from Brooksville.

"The current ranked choice voting law is constitutional. And will remain so unless and until a case is decided by the supreme judicial court," said Rep.Ralph Chapman, (I) Brooksville.

The special legislative session set to begin next Monday will debate the question.

But earlier this month, the senate president said he favored delaying action on the bill until 2019.

"That will address the concerns of people that want to give another legislature, the 129th legislature, an opportunity to change our our constitution," said Senate President Mike Thibodeau, (R) - Winterport.

There have been failed attempts to both repeal ranked-choice voting altogether and come up with a proposed constitutional amendment so ranked choice voting is compatible with the maine constitution.


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