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Waterville man arrested for breaking a protection order Featured

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Waterville man arrested for breaking a protection order

WATERVILLE - The Somerset County Sheriff's Office said it's an example of how a protection order can shield victims from abuse and harassment.

A Waterville man was arrested over the weekend after being accused of harassing a former girlfriend.


The woman called police Saturday to report Roger Bower, 40, had been sending her unwanted text messages, which is a violation of the protection order she was granted.


Police went to Bower's home in Waterville to arrest him for the violation, but he refused to answer the door. With a search warrant in hand, police returned around 3:15 a.m.Sunday and forced their way inside when Bower again refused to answer. He was arrested and is now awaiting his arraignment.


Sheriff Dale Lancaster said Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a good time to consider the importance of a protection order. He added it gives his deputies a tool to take action and help protect victims from continued harassment or abuse.