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Top union leaders meet in Bangor to discuss future Featured

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Top union leaders meet in Bangor to discuss future

BANGOR - Labor unions are under attack. That's the word from top union leaders meeting in Bangor today.

Nearly 200 union members from across the state filled the banquet room at the Ramada Inn to take the pulse of the labor movement.


Maine AFL-CIO president Cynthia Phinney said "That's what unions are for, is to make sure workers have a voice in how the economy runs, how the workplace runs. If anything we're needed now more than ever."


The keynote speaker for the convention said it's way past time for this country to provide healthcare to every one.


Our Revolutionchairperson Larry Cohen stated "Take the insurance companies out of it. A simple system where working families are not in fear about losing their healthcare whether they're working or retired."


Cohen is head of an organization that's an offshoot of the Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. It's goal is to provide healthcare and college education to all Americans.