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Early morning robbery in Bangor leaves residents scared Featured

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Early morning robbery in Bangor leaves residents scared

BANGOR - Bangor police are investigating a report of an early morning home invasion by armed intruders.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Thursday, police were sent to 16 Brown Street, responding to reports of three intruders.


According to one of the victims, two men and a woman forced their way into her apartment, threatened her and her husband, and made off with less than $300 in cash.


Victim Collette Williams stated "He grabbed me and threw me on the floor and pushed me up to the end of my bed. And had my face on the bed. I was on the floor kneeled down. And he told me to put my hands behind my back. And he put those black zip, like those handcuffs the police use."


She described the men as Caucasians, wearing masks. But she never got a good look at the woman.


A neighbor said he heard car tires squealing as it left the area, but wasn't sure what brought police to the neighborhood.


Police have yet to release details surrounding the incident.


WVII will have more of that interview with Mrs. Williams tonight at 6 p.m.