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Two groups send varying messages to Congressman Poliquin Featured

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Two groups send varying messages to Congressman Poliquin

BANGOR - Congressman Bruce Poliquin has received praise and criticism for voting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

Today, both protesters and supporters arrived outside his Bangor office.


A group of veterans and others called on Poliquin to stop sabotaging the healthcare system. They said Obamacare has worked for thousands of Mainers and they think he should be finding ways to make it work better instead of replacing it with a plan that would leave millions without coverage.


Veteran Gale White said "The VA give so many benefits and it's great for people that have access to it. Some vets don't, or they don't have access to all the benefits and the ACA give them access to that. I started a couple of businesses and wouldn't be able without the ACA."


The protesters pushed a petition under the congressman's door, saying it urges him to put Mainers over politics.


Other's feel he's doing just fine. At least two Poliquin supporters also appeared saying Obamacare has been a nightmare for them and they think it should be replaced.


Army Veteran Jerry Ireland said "I'm a veteran that's deployed that served honorably, and we are penalized without any choice of our own for having insurance or not having insurance."


The event comes as the Trump Administration announced plans to slash the Obamacare budget for enrollment by 72%.


It also comes soon after anthem announced it's dropping ACA plans because of ongoing uncertainty in the market.