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Sen. Collins could soon announce bid for governor Featured

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BANGOR- A room on Capitol Hill- full of the hustle and bustle of members of the senate-- could soon say goodbye to one of its longest residents.

“She has said that she would like the opportunity to work on policies that would help improve the economy in Maine. And that's an issue area that she was involved in before going to the senate. It's certainly something that she has maintained an interest in. And there's no doubt that if that's your policy goal, being governor of the state of Maine in the primary position to have the biggest impact on that,” said Mark Brewer, professor of political science at the University of Maine.

Will Senator Susan Collins run for governor in the state of Maine? That's the question at the front of everybody's minds. And while opinions vary in the city that she works in, we want to know opinions in the city that she lives in.

“I think it might be a good idea,” said one resident.

“I think she's got a great base with the people here in Maine and she knows how Mainers operate and react to things so I think she would be really good for the state of Maine,” said another resident.

“On an issue that is so important that has such an impact on the people of my state, the state I was sent to Washington to represent, you just have to do what you think is right,” said Senator Collins back in July, following a vote on the skinny repeal healthcare bill-- a vote that she, along with two other republican senators, shut down.

And it's that mentality that leaves some people in Bangor wishing she chooses to keep her position in the U.S. Senate.

“Good senator. I hope she remains in the senate,” said another resident.

“I'm a democrat and a liberal but I am happy with her lately and the votes she's made regarding healthcare and woman's rights and health. So I don't want her to go from the senate because I think she can do a lot more there than she can here,” said another.

Whether or not she will actually choose to run for governor remains to be seen, and members of both parties say they believe she could be valuable in either position.

But there are conservative republicans who call her a RINO- republican in name only.

And if Senator Collins does choose to run for governor, she may face challenges during the primary.

“Right now you've got three more conservative republicans who have put their hat in there- Mary Mayhew, Ken Fredette, and Garrett Mason. If it gets down to maybe Collins versus one of those conservative options, I still think she's the favorite but I don't think she's the lock she would be as the party's nominee in the generals,” said Brewer.

Collins is expected to announce her decision as early as Friday.

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