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Mexican rescuers working to save trapped survivors of quake Featured

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WASHINGTON D.C. (ABC NEWS) - Rescuers in Mexico are frantically working to save trapped survivors, following that powerful earthquake that claimed at least 230 lives.

Rescuers are racing against time, working to rescue a young girl trapped inside the rubble of what was once an elementary school. Officials believe two others may be trapped in the rubble with her.


Rescuers peeking into the debris? Raising their arms above their heads to silence the crowd. As they listen for signs of life.


At least 25 people were killed when an entire wing of the school collapsed, most of them children.


So much of the school was destroyed, but students backpacks still hang eerily on their hooks.


Miraculously,11 people from that school have been rescued after being buried under the rubble.


Rodrigo, 13, was lucky enough to escape. He said in Spanish "So we had to be evacuated by climbing a wall."


Dozens of buildings in central Mexico were flattened when the massive 7.1 earthquake struck Tuesday.


People rushed into the street, some capturing videos of buildings collapsing around them, the shaking lasted for several minutes.


In Mexico City alone, more than 50 people have been rescued from the rubble, but there are fears others could still be trapped.


First responders continued to dig through the destruction as volunteers brought food and water to those involved in the search.


The mayor said more than 40 buildings have collapsed and half the city is without power.


President Trump spoke with Mexico's president to extend condolences for the lives lost and the damage caused by the earthquake.


Trump also offered assistance and search and rescue teams, which are being deployed now.