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Wife finishes "tiny house" after husband's passing Featured

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CORINNA - Linda Brown is a remarkable woman. She's owned several successful businesses in varying industries. She ran an inn that saw visitors from 27 countries.

Then one day her and her husband, both with little carpentry experience, had a new idea.


"We decided that we were going to build ourselves a... retirement place," said Linda. "Then he decided last year that he wanted to build a tiny house, and so we had leftover cedar so he was going to put it to use."


The couple joined the growing movement in America of hand-built homes on a micro scale, using the same craftsmanship that went into their full-sized dwelling. But then, with the project unfinished, Linda lost her companion.


"He ended up in the ER in the hospital and passed away the 27th of April... When Alan passed away and I came home, and the tiny house is still sitting here in the driveway, it's like, 'I need to do something with this.'"


Once more she set to work, alone this time, and when she finished she had a tiny house as warm and welcoming as any full-sized retreat. 


She thought about selling it at first, but then, "I thought, 'why not set this up up there, and rent it out on a weekly basis as an upscale rustic tiny house adventure,'" Linda added. "I could keep it, because it's something that my husband did, and people would get to enjoy it."


Linda says she doesn't know for sure when she'll open her tiny house for visitors, but says she has plenty of experience in the business world, and will do a good job of marketing when the time comes.


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