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Students protest for wearing ripped jeans Featured

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HERMON - Students protested for wearing ripped jeans at Hermon High School this morning.

Both girls and guys decided to stand in solidarity and all wear ripped jeans. The faculty had heard word of it and were all waiting at the door and sending people out.


Mckenna Baker a senior at Hermon high school said "I've been here for four years and this has never been a problem and they never enforced it."


She added the school has been cracking down this year on ripped jeans. What she doesn't understand is that you can wear shorts or skirts that show more skin than ripped jeans. For example, the handbook states that skirts need to be five inches above the bent knee and shorts must be 7 inches above the bent knee.


Baker stated "The problem here is that your showing your skin color underneath your pants there's really nothing that should be distracting about it." She added some students even felt insulted by some teachers.


"I actually had a teacher tell a friend this morning that it was trashy and unprofessional and you can wear pajama pants to school so professionalism isn't really a concern here." said Baker.


Students gathered in the conference room and the faculty told them that they had three options, go home, have your parents bring new clothes, or duck tape the holes. Mckenna said she takes her schooling seriously and says getting suspended would mean loosing any extra curricular activities students may have. "That's scary you know we care about what we're doing in school and that's the thing for kids that are involved it's frustrating to have that at risk over what you choose to wear."


Some parents are also frustrated because they spent hundreds of dollars school shopping. "My mom is even frustrated if they were gonna decide to crack down on it this year they should of given us a heads up." she said.


The superintendent of the school told us that no students were suspended.  



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