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Orono police planning early for Maine Day response Featured

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Orono police planning early for Maine Day response

ORONO - "Maine Day" is in May and the Orono Police Department is preparing early.

Maine Day was created to be a day of service, but it has turned into a day of intense partying at the University of Maine.


Orono Police Chief Josh Ewing said the department is working to shift the day back to its true meaning.


At Monday night's Orono Town Council meeting he spoke about the plans to keep this year's festivities under control. He said "The noise and the destructive nature of what Maine Day has become is unacceptable to the community. People need to be able to live in peace and not worry about their property being damaged."


Chief Ewing said they plan to send messages to the students starting now, reminding them they are a part of a larger community.


The police department also urges landlords to be strict with student leases.


Lastly Chief Ewing warns there will be ramped up patrol on Maine Day in order to keep things orderly and safe.