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Bikers and family members respond to a fatal crash Featured

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AUGUSTA (WGME) - A charitable motorcycle ride to benefit Maine's underprivileged children turned deadly in Augusta over the weekend.

A truck and numerous motorcycles colliding in the middle of the interstate.


Dan Lampariello spoke with family of those involved and has new details on the investigation.


The "United Bikers of Maine Toy Run" leaves from the Augusta Civic Center every year. More than 3,000 riders came out Sunday.


But just as the first group pulled onto the interstate an accident left two dead and four others injured "Domino effect that's exactly what she said it was a domino effect," said one victim's son, Robert.


Maine State Police said motorcycles were scattered after a truck and four bikes collided.


Rick Foss from United Bikers of Maine added "Anytime a biker goes down it affects us all. They are our brothers and sisters."


It was the beginning of a ride to benefit children that quickly took a tragic turn.


"When I learned the news out at the fairground. It makes you stop for a minute. It really grabs you. Because these riders were coming to us for such a charitable run," stated Foss.


Jamie Gross of Windsor died at scene. While the youngest victim Aaron White-Sevigny, 25, died at the hospital. Two others were injured


"My mom's foot was stuck up in the tire. It took three people to lift the bike up and get her leg out of there," stated Robert. Robert also said his mother and stepfather were taking part in the ride when they were hit. He added "Stitches in her knee. Stitches right in here. I mean she can't walk."


Investigators aren't sure why the truck and the motorcycles.


The United Bikers of Maine want everyone to keep an eye on their surroundings. Foss said "When we are riding. Everyone... And if doesn't matter if you're in an automobile or a bike we all have to look out for each other."


While those injured continue to heal they said they'll be back.


Robert stated "She put her blood sweat and money into that bike but they'll rebuild it again and 'I'll be back out next year.' She already stated that."


State police said the driver of the truck in this crash and his 99 year-old mother only suffered minor injuries.


Officers said they're still reconstructing this crash.