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Veteran gets a new roof Featured

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PASSADUMKEAG - Veterans sacrifice many things to serve our country.

One organization is making sure a local Veteran is getting a much needed helping hand.


It's their thirteenth roof since November 2015, and their third roof to be done this month alone. The Maine's Veteran program works with a lot of veterans. The program includes a necessary P-T-S-D suicide prevention aspect, but that's not all they do . This month they chose to help a veteran who has done multiple deployments. Doc Goodwin the president of Maine's Veteran Project says "It was an easy yes once we knew we had the resources to do so."


They were happy to help out and provide this for the veteran. "It feels amazing to be honest with you I would love to take the credit, but we really can't it's been a giant community effort," says Goodwin.


Maine's veteran project is replacing an old roof, with a new one. Ricky Winchester the Veteran who's home they are fixing up said "I'm excited I really am I've been waiting for months it's a huge step for me and the family big burden off my shoulders." Although he wasn't surprised because they've been organizing it for months he says he's happy the day has finally come. "He showed up yesterday and said hey we're going to come in tomorrow so yeah I was surprised yeah but i knew it was coming eventually so it wasn't a huge surprise but it was definitely a huge shock when he came in i was like awesome it's getting done." So far he's loving the results. "It's amazing it really is they've done a great job so far."


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