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Bangor acknowledges 9-11 in ceremony Featured

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Bangor acknowledges 9-11 in ceremony

BANGOR - Sixteen years ago today the tragic events of September 11th left our country in disbelief.

People throughout the state are remembering the events of that dark day in a number of ways Monday. Including here in Bangor.


A memorial event at Eastern Maine Community College took place this morning to reflect on the meaning of 9-11.


The college wants to provide an opportunity for their students, staff, and faculty to honor those who lost their lives on that horrific day.


"All those kids had some sort of impact it impacted them in some way and there were a few who brought up some names of family members who died in 9-11 so it's kind of sad." said Lt. Col. Darryl Lyon. He added  "I feel great, I feel great but I also feel respectful and mournful I think it's just an important thing to remember because it's changed so many aspects of our lives."


A similar event happens every year at the Memorial Plaza in NYC where the names of those killed in the attack are read.