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Drug Overdose Awareness Day trying to break a stigmatism Featured

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BANGOR - Maine is not alone when it comes to the growing opioid epidemic.

It's impacting communities around the world and that's why people everywhere observed "International Overdose Awareness Day" Thursday. It's an effort to teach people about the danger of using the drugs and also to erase the stigma of drug related death.


The hope is that by learning more, people will be less inclined to try dangerous drugs. One concern for officials at Acadia Hospital is the potency of the drugs. Saying people are really gambling with their lives.


Dr. Vijay Amerenbran said "The other thing that happens with street opioids is you don't know what you're getting. Contamination is a big problem. Heroin has been mixed with fentanil and carfentanil. All of these, especially carfentinil are extremely potent. Even a small grain of carfentanil is enough to kill a person."


More than 370 people died from drug overdoses in Maine last year. That's more than one person every single day.