Thursday, 31 August 2017 16:16

Wildfire buring many acres in Columbia Falls Thursday Featured

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COLUMBIA FALLS - The fire was reported by a Worcester employee who was trimming some of the trees on the acreage near the Columbia Falls/Jonesboro town line.

Lack of rain contributing to the dry conditions. Combined with increased wind, the fire quickly spread. As of mid Thursday afternoon, it was estimated a couple dozen acres had been destroyed.


Morrill Worcester, farm owner, said "It just was one of those things. I don't know really what happened. The ground is just so dry. It could have been his brush saw might have hit a rock. Who knows.


A pair of Maine Forest Service helicopters circled the burning woods throughout the afternoon, dropping water as part of the efforts to douse the flames.


Firefighters also could be seen spraying water ahead of the fire, hoping to keep it from spreading.


Earlier today, forest rangers told us they were concerned that if this fire wasn't stopped by nightfall, Friday's forecast of high winds could cause this blaze to get out of control.