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New facility at Hinckley Yacht Service underway Featured

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SOUTHWEST HARBOR - Hinckley Yacht Company held a ground breaking ceremony on Wednesday and it could bring money to the local economy.

"Hinckley Yacht is one of the preeminent yacht constructors in the world," said Karl Ward, the president and CEO of Nickerson & O' Day, LLC. 


For 90 years, Hinckley's has sold, manufactured and stored yachts to people not just in Maine but all over the world. The new heated facilities will help them carry on the tradition.


"We are using 100 percent Maine labor on this, in fact, 30 percent of the construction companies working on this are from Southwest Harbor," said Ward. 


The company employs over 600 people. It will cost over $1 million to build the new facility.


"By the time we finish this 19,500 SF building, we'll invested somewhere in the order of $9-10 million worth of economic input into the regional economy," said Ward.


While Hinckley continues to grow and move to other locations, they are passionate about where it all started.


"We have an amazing stake in Southwest Harbor's future and if we could add 10 or 12 jobs with this facility it's a double benefit," said Michael Arieta, the COO of Hinckley Yacht Service.


People are already lining up to store their yachts. They are expecting to complete this project by Christmas.


"If things go really really well, it definitely won't be the last investment in the site," said Arieta. 

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