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UMaine students will be live streaming eclipse Featured

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ORONO - People around the nation are excited to see next weeks solar eclipse.

That includes a group of UMaine engineering students who will help everyone get a spectacular view of the historic event.


The group is among 55 teams around the nation who will launch high altitude balloons to live stream video of the eclipse.


The UMaine students have completed a number of practice launches and are excited for the real thing.


Student Cameron Sullivan stated "This is amazing. We've been working all summer, trying to get the live feed done. We've been working with the electronics. The electrical parts, trying to get the payload boxes ready. We've been doing launches, trying to get it ready. And to get this video configured and to see the link of video coming down and seeing the balloon all the way up, it's fantastic."


The students conducted another successful test launch this morning.


They'll travel to Clemson University in South Carolina which will be almost at the center of the path in which the eclipse will be total. They'll launch balloons one by one from there and from other states in the path.


This will provide people around the world with a unique look at the event as the balloons carry cameras and other equipment thousands of feet into the sky.