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Millinocket business opens downtown store front Featured

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Millinocket business opens downtown store front

MILLINOCKET - A Millinocket business that has customers all over the country, now has a storefront on Penobscot Avenue.

Timber was left at the bottom of many lakes in Maine during the logging industry's early years.


"Maine Heritage Timber" reclaims and re-purposes the wood it salvages from the lake bottoms. It's products have been selling on several websites and now the owner believes it's time to combine the web with a brick and mortar store.


Owner Tom Shafer stated "Now we have a space where it kind of suits what we do. Plus, really we wanted to make a statement to the local community to say, hey, we're here to stay. We're making an investment in the community. And we're proud of what we're doing."


With Millinocket's long and rich logging history, Shafer says the company wants to build on the long-established forestry industry.