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Local store sees increase in sales since marijuana legalization Featured

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Local store sees increase in sales since marijuana legalization

NEWPORT - Advocates of the legalize marijuana referendum last year were certain the marijuana industry would have a positive economic impact.

Since the end of January, it's been legal to possess and cultivate marijuana.


Already, at least one store specializing in pipes and other smoking accessories has seen higher sales. The staff at Greenbear 420 in Newport said they've seen not only an increase in customer traffic since January, but also an increase from novice pot users.


Collin Popper said "You know, I've seen an increase in all ages coming in. A lot of the older crowd coming in, feeling more comfortable. You know, they're feeling more comfortable. They're coming in asking questions. And be able to get an opportunity for us to talk to them and kind of educate them."


Glass-blown pipes are a signature product for the store. And, Popper said a unique aspect of the Newport store is the staff creates a lot of the pipes sold there.


Popper stressed people must be at least 18 years old to buy the pipes, papers, and other specialty marijuana products.