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New center opens at MDI Biological Laboratory Featured

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BAR HARBOR - A new building opened today at the MDI Biological Laboratory, aiming to prepare Maine students for careers in STEM fields.

On Thursday, the Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation officially opened its doors.

"It's a hub to actually provide resources, education, networking, etc. to start and launch businesses that are focused on science and technology," said Kevin Strange, president of the MDI Biological Laboratory.

The center is part of the MDI Biological Laboratory and will work to help Maine's economy by giving science and technology students a place to share their ideas.

"The early ones, the 'what if we could do this, what if we could do that'," said Michael Kagan, the director of product development for coagulation sciences. "And it's tremendous that this facility is giving them the opportunity to take that and grow it without having to leave the state"

This new building and everything you'll see inside is all thanks to a $3 million state bond.

"We feel very strongly that if we receive money from the state we return it with big benefits," said Strange.

And the center is doing just that by bringing students who study different topics together under one roof.

"Having that experience with a bunch of other students, some engineers, some even in the health industry is really important because it allowed me to see that I really need to work on being able to communicate back and forth in order to get my ideas across," said Stephan Jackson, a summer research fellow.

The center will then connect students with entrepreneurs to create products and jobs right here in Maine.

"This building serves a very necessary and critical role in the state of Maine, we need to retain students here, we need to establish ourselves as an innovative state," said Isaiah Mansour, a UMaine student.


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