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State wants a better profit on liquor Featured

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AUGUSTA - The State of Maine is considering a price increase on liquor.

The hike would include 50 milliliter bottles, or "nips" which would go up from 99-cents to $1.49. The increase would also impact different sized varieties of lower end spirits, pushing the cost to consumers up by 20 to 50 percent for some bottles.


Some people we spoke to said they can see the higher prices bringing an added benefit.


"I just don't like the mess you see them everywhere. And this will help? Well ain't gonna hurt." said Dick Carrier.


Chris Dube added "I think they make enough money off it as it is. I think they should keep them the same and just go from there, they make plenty of money I don't know why they need to raise it."


The state notified liquor brokers and suppliers about the proposed increase last Friday.


If passed the increase will take effect in October.


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