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Monday, 17 July 2017 11:22

Ellsworth organization recipient of anonymous donation Featured

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ELLSWORTH - In their fight against generational homelessness "Families First Community Center" is working hard to break that cycle in Hancock County.

The organization just received an anonymous donation of $15,000. The organization is trying to raise money to renovate a home they are purchasing in order to house and help families in need.


They are looking to provide needy families with important life skills and education to help them get on their feet.


Board president Dawn Coffin stated "We were so thrilled and amazed to receive it, and then immediately after that we received another one for just a little over $15,500. The first one brought us to half of our goal, $65,000. The second one brought us up to $80,000."


They are looking to begin renovation by September and move people in by December. But they still need to raise about $50,000.


To find out ways that you can help, visit their website at